Which plateform is supported

All plateforms are supported:

PC, Mac & Linux

(And it's cross-plateform)

How do I know if my server is compatible ?

It's been 2 years that the asset is online and not a single customer ever had an incompatibility with his server.
However if you face any trouble let us know

Caution if you have a FREE server : free server providers limits time calculation so much that it is sometimes impossible to establish communication.
So it is recomended to use a paid server, it will work flawlessly.

Is the installation process hard ?

No, the installation process is now automatic (as you can see in the video).
It is really easy to follow the steps to install everything.

As you can see in the video it takes less than 3 minutes (so count 20-30 minutes maximum if you have some software, like Filezilla, to install and the files upload)

Can I count on your help if I have trouble with my server ?

Of course, we already helped a lot of customers before with their installation.
We try to help you out via emails first, and if you have too much trouble we can do it for you.

However, since the installation is automatic no customer asked for our help since then :)

Does it support cross-plateform ?


I already have a game, can I integrate it easily ?

A drag and drop is all you need to integrate the whole login and security to any scene.

How can I trust the asset with the security ?

We are software engineers specialized in IT system security in France, and the asset has been tested for almost 2 years now.
It has been often improved and it is frequently updated, for security and other features.
The generated certificate ensure all the security an SSL connection can bring you without having to wait for the RSA process to complete at every session.
It is made at the asset installation, resulting on a totally safe and faster product.