LoginPro is a full login system with professionnal security and a lot of great features!
Installed within minutes, your games and your players are totally protected against any hacking, everything is automatic and setup for you out of the box!

- Achievements (Trophies)
- Multi-games support
- Game news
- Bug and abuse report
- Easy account administration
- One click integration at any scene
- Automatic installation
- Clear and easy examples
- Animated UI
- Automatically encrypted communications
- IP scan (can be disabled)
- Fully commented code
- Complete documentation

The installation process is automatic, all you have to do is follow the scenes asking you some information and everything is generated for you

All you need is:
- Unity 5 (Free or Pro)
- PHP 4 or higher (most of them already are in 5.0 and more but check this out before. Tip: you can export a SQL script from phpmyadmin, you get PHP version in comments.)
- (PHP) GMP extension on server (easy to install)
- Emails sending (if you want to send emails to your players, your server must be able to send emails)

Any question, suggestion or help ?
Don't hesitate to email us here : Contact